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If you would like to try the Garaganizer before you join our long list of satisfied subscribers please visit http://www.takebackyourgarage.com/Design-It.aspx to try a mini version of the Garaganizer that includes only Rubbermaid FastTrack Products.

This site was designed for dealers, designers and installers of  garage organization products. Many items are included in the product library by name and item number. This product was developed by garage professional for garage professionals. If you have suggestions on how to improve this product please click on the "Support" link and send us your comments.

Step One - Become a registered user of the site by clicking on the "Register" link in the top navigation of the website. Or click on one of the buttons on the homepage.  Fill in the Prefered User Information. Click on the "Register" link at the bottom center of the page. This will take you to a page to complete step two.

Step Two - On the subscription page. Click on the "Subscribe" button. Login to PayPal. Complete the subscription form. Click the return to merchant button. We will be notified of your regestration. We will add you as a user with complete access to our design tool. We will let you know that you have been approved. When you return to our site and login with your username and password you will have instant access. Click on The Garaganizer link in the top navigation of the site and start closing more sales!

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The Garaganizer makes it easy for you to plan, estimate and design the garage of your client’s dreams. Now you can view and discuss several different options with your client before deciding on the perfect solution.

Technical Requirements
The Garaganizer is designed to be used on a 1280 x 1024 screen resolution. You can also use the software at 1024 x 768 when your browser is set on full screen view.  The site is b
est viewed in Internet Explorer Version 7.

How to Use The Garaganizer

  1. Sign up for a free trial subscription.
  2. Login to the website and Click on the "the Garaganizer Design Tool" tab to launch The Garaganizer.
  3. Step 1 either choose a typical size that most closely matches your Garage or measure your garage and enter your custom measurements.
  4. Step 2, Click on the Get Started button to proceed to The Garaganizer  design screen.
  5. Once The Garaganizer  launches choose the wall you would like to organize.
  6. Below the wall, you will see buttons containing items to organize your space. Click on each tab to familiarize yourself with the items included in the system catalog.
    • To select an item, click on the button of the item you want to place on the wall, hold down the left mouse button and drag the item onto the wall layout. Release the left mouse button to place the item on the wall.
    • To move an item, place your pointer on the center the item, hold down the left mouse button and drag the item to the desired location on your wall. Release the mouse button to place the item in the desired location on the wall.
    • To delete an item, click on the small red box located at the upper corner of each item.
  7. First place all windows and doors on the wall.
  8. Second place the wall system you have decided to use on the wall.
  9. Next place cabinets, workbenches and shelves on the wall.
  10. Finally place your yard tools and sporting equipment on the wall.
  11. Continue on to the other walls until you have completely organized your entire space.
    • Above the buttons, you will see links to view each wall of the garage.
  12. The Garaganizer will calculate your parts list and wall elevations in a custom report to print and leave with your client.

Designing for odd shaped floor plans with extra walls
Organization plans can be developed using The Garaganizer for spaces with odd shaped floor plans. You can split the space into two areas and design for up to eight walls instead of four. Simply treat each space as a separate area and layout the items on each wall as you would with any other space.

Exclude the phantom walls that are drawn in the example with dashes from your space plan.

To print your design report simply click on the "Print Design" on the lower right corner of the screen. 
It is very important to adjust your Paper Size to Letter and Printer Orientation to Landscape to get a correctly printed report.

To save your design reports by clients name or job number use a PDF writer to print the file as a PDF and save it to your hard drive. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat Writer. However, there are alternative products at many different price points that can convert files to a PDF format for storage. Simply use any search engine to find "PDF Writers"

We have tested and found a couple good examples.  Windows NT (SP3), Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and 7 users can try PDF Creator which is available at www.pdfforge.org/products/pdfcreator (Click the Download PDFCreator now! button). Windows Vista users can try PDF4Free which can be downloaded at www.pdf4free.com.

To save your design follow these steps

  1. Click "Print Design" at the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Choose "your PDF writer program" as your selected printer. Example, "Adobe PDF"
  3. Adjust your Printer Preference
        - Paper Size to Letter
        - Paper Orientation to Landscape
  4. Click "Print"
  5. Name your File
  6. Click "Save"

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